Interference (2015 - 2016)

Split Screen / Oil And Acrylic On Panels, Print Transfers / 61 x 85cm / 2015-2016

Technonatural / Oil On Panel, Print Transfers, Wood, Metal / 107cm Diameter / 2015

Channelled / Acrylic, Polypol Resin, Sand, Wood, Print Transfer / 76 x 88cm / 2016

Binary Departure / Oil On Panel, Digital Silk Print, Print Transfer On Wood / 64 x 68cm / 2015

 s a m u e l   c a p p s

ӿ-- H O M E

/ / / W O R K S

ӿ-- Hyperelixx
ӿ-- R/E:volve
ӿ-- Fibre Optic Spine
ӿ-- Superposed Silicone Incubator
ӿ-- Liquid Reality
ӿ-- Prospector II
ӿ-- Interference
ӿ-- Infær Ierfeláfum
ӿ-- The Hermitage
ӿ-- Paintings
ӿ-- Older

/ / / C U R A T O R I A L

ӿ-- Reference Mollusk
ӿ-- Schizoid Cyberia
ӿ-- Technonatural

ӿ-- C O N T A C T